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                       Kerela juice 45.5%,Jamun juice 50%, JUICE base Q.S

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             Diabetes is best known as a condition when a body organ does not produce enough or not properly responding to insulin, a hormone produce in pancreas. In urban individuals, rise in sugar level, is the major cause due to food habits also. Since time immoral our Ayurvedic physician diagnoses and treat diabetes through bitter gourd. Diabetes is one of the most wide spread disease in mankind. It is counted in Major diseases of the world. Majority of death in the world was found to be due to Diabetes. In India people suffering from Diabetes is ever increasing day by day. As per report almost 10 corers people are affected by this disease. 

Reason for Diabetes Obesity, Untimely eating, No proper exercise, Continuous stress & strain in life, un-organized life pattern 

Symptoms of Diabetes Frequent urination, lot of thirst, dryness of skin, slow healing of wound, rise in urine-sugar level, diminishing vision, irritability, anger, feeling weak and tired, Pain in the joints, itching all over the body. 


                      It controls the diabetes, increases the immunity, acts against acidity, purifies the blood and decreases swelling. By regularly taking Karela, it brings down the sugar level in the blood and controls the cholesterol level. It is scientifically proven that bitter gourd controls the sugar in an individual because it contains hypoglycemic compound e.g. natural insulin. 


                     Medicinal Jamun is made use of in number of diseases. There is an ingredient in this fruit by the name Jambolin, which reduces the sugar level in blood and urine. The best use of Jamun is for Diabetes. 


Nutritional value of Karela:
                    Karela are low in calories but very dense with precious nutrients. It is good source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, phosphors, manganese and high dietary fiber. It is rich source of iron, beta-carotene (double strength as of broccoli), twice the calcium of spinach, twice the potassium of banana. It has also insulin like compound known as polypeptide P which has been suggested as insulin replacement in some diabetic patients. 

Health Benefits of AGARAM Karela Jamun Juice

Diabetes mellitus:  Karela contains hypoglycemic compound natural insulin that works to control the sugar level in blood and urine. Karela Jamun juice has shown the significant role to improve the glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels in the body. It also cures the blood disorder. It is highly beneficial for treating like blood boils and itching due to toxemia. 

Cholera It works in early stages of cholera, two spoons of Karela jamun juice mix with two spoons of onion juice and two spoons of lemon juice, take it regularly. You will get fast results. 

Eye tonic:  The high beta-carotene and other medicinal properties, it elevate eye problem and improve the eye sight. 

Immune booster:  The Karela Jamun juice can also help in building your immune system and strengthen your body against infection. 

Repertory disorder:  Drinking Karela Jamun juice with two table spoons of honey and diluted in water. Drink it daily in the morning empty stomach for better improvements in asthma and bronchitis.


       It cleanses the toxins from blood and liver. Good to cure jaundice.

       It helps in easier digestion of food as it promotes secretion of digestive enzymes.

       It is also useful in useful in constipated stools and disease like hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas.

       It helps in destroying worms present in gastro intestinal tract.

       It helps in purifying blood and helps us from infection from microorganism and toxins that are created by there presence.

       It is very commonly used in skin diseases especially it finds

       It application in acne and black spots on face.

       It is extensively used in chronic cough as it has expectorant properties and helps in releasing the sputum accumulated in respiratory tract and lungs. Asthmatic patients are believed to have a very good relief if it is regularly taken.

       It works as a female tonic thereby helpful in menstrual disorders and female genital tract related problems. It also helps in secretion of milk during lactation phase after pregnancy.

Bitter melon has high anti-bacterial properties and is very effective in healing wounds injuries.

DOSAGE :- 30ml twice a day (Morning and Night)


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                       Kerela juice 45.5%,Jamun juice 50%, JUICE base Q.S

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