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Agaram Pain Relief Oil

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                 Agaram Herbal Ayurlife Product Pain Relief Oil is ayurvedic massage oil which works as an effective herbal pain relief oil to relieve arthritis joint pain, back pain, knee pain and hip pain.

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                 Pain Relief oil is a combination of powerful pain relieving herbs and botanicals.This herbal pain relief oil is helpful in treating painful conditions such as arthritis, gout, joint pain, muscle sprains, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, rheumatoid conditions and is an excellent remedy for treating nerve pain and all types of sufferings and strains caused to the nervous system. The herbs present in pain relief oil have anti arthritic and muscle relaxant properties that relieve pain and discomfort, and increase flexibility and mobility of limbs.

                 Agaram Herbal Pain relief oil is intensively researched herbal pain relief oil, strengthens the bone tissues, the skeletal, and the neuromuscular systems, giving easy and relaxed movement of the joints and muscles. This anti-inflammatory massage oil is prepared from the real extracts of the herbs that ensure quick and long-lasting effect. Regular massage of the affected area with Pain Relief oil provides relief from any types of pains and improves joint mobility and flexibility. This oil when used along with capsule provides a complete natural joint and muscle support and relieves pain and lubricates joints.

Arthritis joint pain and stiffness
Back pain, hip and knee pain
Neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder 
Muscle Sprains, wrist pain and elbow pain
Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
Ankle pain and hand arthritis
Spondylosis, fibromyalgia and sports injuries

                It is a process of manipulating body tissues like muscles and ligaments by applying light strokes. Massaging the affected area with herbal pain relief oil such as Pain Relief oil stimulates the release of endorphins and relieves pain from body. Foot massage, hand massage, back massage and shoulder massage are some of the common types of body massaging done by using this oil. Nowadays, body massaging with herbal pain relief oil is a widely recommended cure to reduce pain. Application of Pain Relief oil on the affected body part increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage.

               Oil massaging is done in such a way that it uses light stroking movements to move from one area of body to another. Light strokes applied during massaging treatment are generally referred as 'effleurage'. Application of oil decreases friction and prevents the pulling of hair during movement. Promoting relaxation of muscle is the main intention behind oil massaging. Moisturizing skin, rejuvenation of cells, improving flexibility of joints, improving strength and alleviating fatigue are other highlighting benefits of doing body massaging with herbal pain relief oil. Massaging with Pain Relief massage oil is a safer technique for improving circulatory, muscular, immune and nervous system of body. Therapeutic properties enriched in this oil helps in making your body healthy and fresh for performing daily life activities.

            Pain Relief oil is a natural product, you cannot expect overnight result. It is recommended to use this herbal pain relief oil consistently for 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory result. For best result, use Pain Relief oil with Pain Relief capsule                    


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Agaram Pain Relief Oil

Agaram Pain Relief Oil

                 Agaram Herbal Ayurlife Product Pain Relief Oil is ayurvedic massage oil which works as an effective herbal pain relief oil to relieve arthritis joint pain, back pain, knee pain and hip pain.

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